Canadian Tire Ads Let You 'Smell the Spring'

 - Mar 23, 2008
References: canadiantire
Trend Hunter has written a lot about the rise of scentvertising, and Canadian Tire is the next example.

Recently while I was perusing a new home decor/fashion/beauty magazine I was overcome by the aroma of campfire. I was sitting on my couch and outside remained at least 2 feet of snow from the last storm, so I knew the unlikeness that someone was indeed roasting wienies outside. As I read on, the odour grew stronger until finally I came across a full page spring ad for Canadian Tire.

Following the path of many fragrance companies, Canadian Tire has taken the sniff strip to a new level using the familiar paper peel-back strip format to attract the attention of the female reader. On the reverse of the ad were six coupons for various barbecue related products. I have since found a second such ad, also in a typically female read magazine offering a whiff of freshly cut grass, with money saving coupons for lawn care products on the back.

What a great way for this historically testosterone driven company to reach the 35-45 year old female target market. I may not run to the store to purchase a new lawn mower, but I sure have told a lot of people about the ad and some of them indeed set out to see the new models.