From Stinky Socks to Perfumed Pillows

 - Feb 4, 2009   Updated: May 31 2011
Take your nose on a journey of discovery through this collection of smelly innovations which covers everything from the good aromas and the bad odours, to the downright disgusting stenches.

The interesting thing is how many products have been pimped and made unique with application of a scent. You can now get perfumed pillows, laptops, mobile phones, suits, earrings and even scented fire alarms!

Implications - Consumers find it rewarding and fun to interact with their products rather than simply look at them. For this reason, smell-infused fashions and products are popular since they are a more sensual experience. Companies striving to make products which are more memorable and unique could incorporate scents, or other sensual stimuli, into their goods.