Brutally Honest Scented Candles

 - Sep 8, 2008
References: aromatherapyinterventions & notcot
Clever creative concepts can be applied to almost anything, as shown with these brutally honest scented candles.

Determined not to be ‘just another scented candle’ Aromatherapy Interventions are candles for today’s World, dealing with today’s problems. These candles have no bull about them.

Inspired by all types, moods and occasions these candles also come with very witty descriptions and touches such as the co-dependent candle having two wicks. Genius. Here is a pick of a few of them but make sure you check the website out as well.

Men-tality - You leave the seat up, tune her out and can’t out a tool down

Lighten Up - Because someone somewhere has it far crappier than you.

Panic Attack - Aromatherapy for general fears of job loss, computer viruses, blind dates and WMD’s