Auro Soma

 - Dec 16, 2007
References: healingstars
The latest wellness therapy is actually for your walls. Wall aromatherapy cleanses your walls from the inside, purifying their energy.

This new innovation comes out of England from a company called Auro Soma. They pride themselves on clever ideas for a truly healing and organic experience.

"Aura-Soma Paint Additives can be used to add colour energies to a wall, a piece of furniture, a painting or mural, a picture- indeed to any surface that can be painted," Pam Carrthurs, creator of the fascinating product, describes.

"These paint additives have been developed by micro-encapsulating the very essence of the energies of the Aura-Soma Pomander and Quintessence ranges. These are then suspended in a carrier suitable for adding to the paint of your choice.

"In each additive there is also a cleansing essence to clear old or negative energies of past content out of your walls."

The colours are vibrant and perhaps not for the shy but why not overcome your shyness with the healing paints?