Nokia Scentsory Phone

 - Feb 7, 2008
References: nokia & tuvie
Finally - a phone that offers a really unique design instead of just more diamonds. This is a concept phone by Nokia called the Scentsory and it is fascinating.

It evokes the human senses of sight, sound, touch and even smell for a multi-sensory experience. If the concept goes into production, this phone could truly revolutionize remote communication and interfacing. The dual-screen mobile has a LED touchpad, speakers, hidden camera and temperature sensors.

"In addition to basic audiovisual features, Scentsory is able to detect, transmit and emit smells," Tuvie explains. "It can also radiate colours, lighting, and temperature from the caller's environment."

"Using highly sophisticated sensors, the electronic 'nose' samples the odour of the caller's environs and transmits this to the recipient electronically. Scientists have found that a distinct genetic pattern is associated with every odour, so it is simply a matter of matching electrical harmonics with gene activity. This way, the perception of a smell by electrical stimulation could be technologically induced," the blog explained further.

Just by looking at the pictures you can see how the features will work and how useful this design can really be. I hope this makes it to market soon. The design is by Kimberly Hu.