SJP In Jail In Covet Perfume Ads

 - Jul 28, 2007
References: trendhunter
It makes perfect scents that Sarah Jessica Parker is using the release of her new Sex and The City Movie to gain publicity for her new perfume, “Covet”, the second scent she's developed.

The ads feature Parker in a jail setting. “It's a deliberate departure from the refined nature of LOveley, her first foray into fragrance. 'I know if we made it too seorus, people would make fun of it,'” Parker was reported as saying in a Globe and Mail article.

The movie will be based on the hit TV show which is still so popular that re-runs still air and DVDs are bought and rented years after new episodes stopped. Fashionistas world-wide fell in love with Carrie Bradshaw's style, branding SJP as a real-life style icon as well.

Taking her power to influence trends, SJP utilized the opportunity to launch Covet. SJP was interviewed by the Globe and Mail who caught up with her in New York.

“Christian Lacroix created the dress for the ad and he showed up with some pals during the shoot. I honestly don't know how we got permission to do this, but we shut down the Place Vendome in Paris for two nights.”

Now that smells like a trend setter!