Jason Verlaine Sings About Scents in "The Perfume Bomb"

 - Jun 18, 2009   Updated: Mar 25 2011
References: jasonverlaine & funnyordie
Jason Verlaine has voiced his opinion on women who wear too much perfume in this hilarious music video for his song “The Perfume Bomb.”

He sings about Cindy, a local coffee lady who smells like a birthday cake. Apparently Cindy fell in love with her perfume bottle, and inspired Jason Verlaine to dedicate this song to her.

Implications - Any person who has ever had to deal with a friend or acquaintance who was a little too liberal with their perfume/cologne will definitely find this humorous viral appealing. Where it really will hit home, however, is with companies eager to make a cultural connection with their customers. By showing them that they understand the things that bother them, a company could create a commercial similar to this satirical piece in order to really hit home with their target market.