These Two Worlds Collide, Making for Exciting and Edgy Results

 - Jul 20, 2012
Though hip hop began as an "underground" movement, it has currently (read: finally) stepped into the limelight, resulting in tons of rappers in fashion shoots, creating their own lines and sometimes, collaborating with fashion heavy hitters such as Louis Vuitton.

In today's society, musicians can no longer simply make music; they must create a persona complete with a personality, voice and definitive sense of style. This makes it easier for musicians to shift into the world of fashion, with everyone from 50 Cent to Lil' Wayne creating their own clothing lines. Perhaps the most infamous rapper/fashion designer at this point, Kanye West even got a chance to debut his line at New York Fashion Week, an honor that most budding designers can only dream of.

Switch on your iPod, slap on your headphones and contemplate your next hip hop-inspired outfit with the help of these rappers in fashion.