Mane Makes Yu Smell Rich

 - Oct 14, 2007
References: abcnews.go
We thought $590 mascara was outrageous, so imagine our surprise when we discovered a $5,000 bottle of perfume. That's a high price to smell nice!

Yu, which means rain in Chinese, is the luxury scent by Mane, and it was given the sniff test by New York Times perfume critic, Chandler Burr.

"It's actually very interesting, aesthetically gorgeous," he said. "You can smell the money in it. It's almost a fresh quality, like using a very good toothpaste."

But is it worth such big bucks? He doesn't think so. "$5,000 is marketing, just increases the marketing campaign."

We've seen a bounty of luxury products hit the market at steep prices, but an even higher demand for them. There are women willing to give out $260,150 for a hand bag, and even die hard music lovers willing to fork over $20,000 for an iPod shuffle.

But OK, you're thinking, those items could be investments, or items to pass down to future generations. Perfume doesn't last long, it's a short lived pleasure. If that's what you're thinking, you obviously haven't heard of the world's most expensive cocktails, or the $14,500 dessert!