Pure Distance

 - Jul 29, 2008
References: puredistance & trendhunter
Pure Distance. The name is an oxymoron. There's no distance between you and your femininity when you wear this fragrance. The people around you will only want to get closer to be embodied in the same cloud of perfume as you.

It's extremely fragrant, permeating your aura with the sweet scent of roses, delicate notes of honey and a hint of spice.

Pure Distance is a pleasant, refreshing scent that would be difficult to offend even the most sensitive noses. It's an ideal scent for the whole year, complimenting the natural flora of warmer seasons, and warming the senses in cooler months.

And then there's the packaging.

Pure Distance comes in a white box, with a certificate of authenticity on the left inside panel. Nestled into the soft fabric is a slender, clear Austrian Swarovski crystal bottle.

Regardless which sense perceives Pure Distance first, the full bodied scent or the exuberant box it's contained in, or the powerful feel of the Swarovski bottle in your hand, you'll be instantly whisked into a world of luxury.

Puredsitance I a their limited edition luxury perfume.

“This Masterpiece consists of a Crystal Column with a cap both exclusively made by Swarovski from crystal and 24 carat gold or high grade steel,” the product site explains.

Pure Distance I was created by Annie Buzantian, a master perfumer at fragrance house Firmenich.