Secretions Magnifiques Are Pretty Gross

 - Mar 2, 2008
References: cowshedproductions.blogspot
A new perfume is described by its makers, Etat Libre d'Orange, as "subversive" and "disturbing". If I now explain it contains blood, sweat, saliva and sperm you may understand how apt these descriptions are. Perhaps one not for Mothering Sunday then.

The perfume is called Secretions Magnifiques and is being marketed as an alternative to more traditional perfumes. Thankfully the perfume also contains the sandalwood and coconut like that helps considering the other ingredients!

Now if you want to smell of Cigarettes Etat Libre d'Orange can help you too as their Jasmin et Cigarette which smells of Jasmin and Cigarettes - yep slightly better but not much.

This is how the makers describe the thoughts behind Secretions Magnifques