- May 29, 2012
Aside from the usual flower-scented and fruity-smelling aromas, oddly scented products are gaining tons of attention. It is not just perfumes that are being infused with unusual scents like bacon, but a multitude of other items such as candles, accessories, nail polish and even electronic devices.

Almost anybody can come out with a perfume nowadays; the numerous amounts of actors and musicians who have come out with branded perfumes has increased exponentially over the years. This has added a breadth of options for consumers to choose from and has allowed devoted celebrity fans to associate themselves with their idols.

Customization has also become quite the rage; many companies are now offering online tools that allow you to design your own shoes, clothing and even jewelry. Perfume is no exception, you can customize your own scent and there are also kits available for purchase, so you can wear your own original creation.

So whether you want to smell like cupcakes or enjoy the smell of sausage candles, there is bound to be something on the market that will appeal to you.

From Swine-Infused Scents to Flowery Perfumed Polish: