'Aroma with Tohoku' Remembers Pre-Quake Japan Through Scents

 - Oct 4, 2011
References: aromamora.jp & trendpool
Olfactory senses are the most connected with memory, capable of recalling long-forgotten images and words; this reality has helped make the 'Aroma with Tohoku' photobook all the more engaging and a powerful means of remembering the Japanese region prior to the devastation.

The company Aromamora, mostly responsible for producing scented products, has teamed up with H+K designer Kentaro Shihaku in order to return a sense of majesty and peace to the recovering Tohoku region of Japan. Available online and at retail bookstores across Japan, the Aroma with Tohoku photo album includes over 52 awe-inspiring stills taken prior to the March 2011, each accompanied by a dedication from the photographer. The pictures are packaged in an airtight box (pictured above), in order to maintain the smell -- a second aroma bottle is included should the scent fade. All the proceeds of this photo album go to the affected areas of Tohoku, making this memorable purchase even more meaningful.