Eau Flirt Perfume Will Make Men Fall in Love With You

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: cosmopolitan & huffingtonpost
Everyone could use a little bit of help with their flirting techniques (although some may not think they do) and Eau Flirt Perfume is here to lend a helping hand to the ladies who want it. The fragrance was created by Harvard grad Shaan Hathiramani through a variety of blind smell tests and focus group meetings.

According to Hathiramani, "the scents used, pumpkin and lavender, released 'strong positive scent associations' among the male testers." When a street test was conducted by news station CBS, it seems as though Eau Flirt perfume was indeed more appealing to men than the scent of Chanel No. 5, arguably the world's most popular and notorious women's fragrance.

Studies claim that Eau Flirt perfume is clinically proven to attract men because pumpkin and lavender are both scents that have positive associations with men. Intrigued? Try it and find out. Happy man hunting!