Modern Art is Somewhere Over the Rainbow at Brandhorst Museum

 - Sep 28, 2009
References: & archdaily
The rainbow-hued Brandhorst Museum in Munich, Germany houses a substantial private collection of late 20th Century and contemporary art. The building that houses the museum was created by Sauerbruch Huttonscheme and consists of a simple elongated building of three interconnecting floors.

The three areas of the Brandhorst Museum are distinguished by claddings of different colors and hues. The external skin of the museum is composed of 36,000 Terrart-Baguette ceramic rods in an assortment of 23 custom-glazed colors. A second layer consists of a horizontally folded metal skin, coated in two colors. The combination of the two layers gives the Brandhorst Museum vivid and three-dimensional look from close up that appears homogeneous and flat from afar.