The Dual Hanger is Assembled from Slotting Garment Slings Together

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: yankodesign
A coat rack made of coat hangers? It's actually quite a logical idea. The Dual Hanger was designed to bring together a pair of wardrobe implements so that both can better serve to keep clothing tidy.

Jo Jae-Min began with a single unit: the conventional coat hanger, altered for optimal assembly with rigid flanks and integrated slots. Their geometric shapes allow them to be pieced together to form a contemporary spin on the familiar upright coat rack.

With one side of each module making up the shaft of the stand, the other juts out to act as a clothes peg. The diamond-shaped hooks also protrude from the jigsaw shank and can effectively hold and hang various garments. Cleverly, the Dual Hanger can be easily disassembled in favor of catering to closet-bound outerwear.