Get Ready to Head Back-To-School with These Essentials

 - Sep 2, 2012
Feel ready to move into your new nest by taking a cruise and checking off your list these dorm room must-haves. With the new school year rolling in, hundreds of fresh faces are making the leap into post-secondary education.

While moving away from home—whether it’s for the first time or not—is a daunting task, figuring out how to fit all your essentials into tight quarters can also be tricky. Although the standard sheets and linens, laundry hamper and bathrobe are crucial for any surviving residence life, there are a few modern innovations many students should consider. An all-in-one speaker and alarm clock dock will let you crank the tunes for midday jams and wake up on time for your classes. It is also wise to invest in laptop and combination locks since you never know where sticky fingers may lurk on campus.

These dorm room must-haves will keep your packing list minimal, while giving you some sweet items to put requests in for.