The Turison TS-102 is a Small Gadget that Packs a Mighty Punch

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: amazon & engadget
Believe it or not, good things do come in small packages and that’s exactly what the Turison TS-102 is all about. Combined with its high-tech capability and compact size, this little guy will give other projectors on the market a run for their money.

The Turison TS-102 may not look like much, but this miniature projector packs a dual-core Android computer underneath its tiny exterior. This can project 800 x 600 images up to 100 inches in size at 20 lumens. It’s also got a touch pad, Wi-Fi, an 8 GB internal memory and 80 minutes of battery time (in full brightness mode). The best part? It doesn’t even have to be connected to anything, thanks to the microSD slot that allows the user to load media files off their storage devices. If that’s not an option, the TS-102 can connect to other digital sources such as DVD players and iPods.