Fixes & Stitches Packaging is an Unusually Compact Way of Storing Spools

Accordion style cabinets and extra-large container tubs are what one might be used to seeing as the storage containers for haberdashery. This trim and tidy Fixes & Stitches caddy is far from matching either of those images, and this is the basis of its appeal.

Sam Danan used an old metal bolt box for a mending basics kit. After all, there is a way to curtail and streamline your sewing supplies into a handy collection of emergency cobbling equipment. Here we have four neutral-toned spools of thread that fit perfectly into the long and narrow coffer. Meanwhile, an insert was custom-fitted for Fixes & Stitches to organize needles and a slot for scissors. The charming case is gussied up with a fresh coat of red paint, embroidered accents and a printed silver lid.