The Erin Jang 'Food Sketches' Graphically Represent Grub

When it comes to making people hungry, the Erin Jang 'Food Sketches' will have senses salivating and standing at attention. Seattle-born graphic designer and illustrator Erin Jang has created a series of minimalistic sketches devoted to some tasty meal time morsels.

Using her own personal palette, Jang created graphic representations of foods she has eaten in a variety of restaurants. Jang's creative food sharing method showcases all the ethnic entrees and dishes she has tried and tested.

Every day, Jang updates her blog with a new minimalistic poster of her food-inspired sketches. From delicacies that include sprinkled donuts, Asian scrambled eggs and matzo ball soup, there is absolutely no shortage of culturally charged dishes in this collection. Become involved in Jang's dining experiences and endeavors with the Erin Jang 'Food Sketches.'