From Decadent Duo Confections to Sweetly Iced Accessories

 - Jan 14, 2014
For years now, cupcakes have been the Internet's obesity-causing obsession, but now delicious doughnuts are poised to sweep them away. More and more attention and creativity is being put into making unique and delicious doughnuts. Not just baking bloggers, but also The Food Network with a show called 'Doughnut Wars.'

There are multiple new designs and flavours, such as alcoholic versions and crazy calorie crossovers. There is even a delicious doughnut milkshake, made with doughnuts, strawberry jam, ice cream, milk and other ingredients. But don't try these if you are on a diet, especially not the milkshake as it is equal to five of the deep fried delights.

The sweet treat is also being noticed by fashionistas. Delicious doughnuts are now replacing cupcakes as cutest confection. Printed onto sweat shirts, made into junk food jewelry and even being featured in fashion campaigns. This holey desert is on the rise