Political Bribery at Krispy Kreme

 - Oct 31, 2008
References: krispykreme & truemors.nowpublic
How to entice Americans to vote? Offer them free donuts! That’s the latest tactic being used to bribe voters to cast their ballot on National Election Day.

Krispy Kreme is offering anyone who brings in an "I Voted" sticker a one-day-only, highly patriotic, star-shaped donut, decorated in red, white and blue colored sprinkles.

"We can’t guarantee that your candidate of preference will win on November 4, but we can guarantee that your right to voice your choice will be rewarded with a patriotic doughnut that will remind you just how tasty freedom really is," said Krispy Kreme’s Chef Ron Rupocinski.

The US has gone to some pretty strange extremes to get people to vote this year; they’ve gone from using celebrities to target young voters, and now for the sweet toothed people who love a freebie.