Show Support as You Vote for the Romney and Obama 2012 Election

 - Nov 5, 2012
On November 6th, millions of Americans will make their way to the polls to cast their votes for the Romney and Obama 2012 election.

Whether you decide to mark an X for the Republican elephant or the Democratic donkey party, you should head out to those booths in election-savvy style. Fashion items decorated with the faces of the current president Barack Obama and his opponent Mitt Romney have been popping up since the election was first announced. There are t-shirts, shoes and earrings, all adorned with the eager faces of the candidates and their globally known names scrawled in bold, passionate lettering.

When you go to cast your vote for the Romney and Obama 2012 election why not show your support with the Obama gold hoops like Beyonce. Or grab an interactive Romney t-shirt with eyes that intimidate the public.