From Pastry-Inspired Alcohols to Vibrant Donut-Inspired Sneakers

 - May 24, 2013
Pastry fans will be delighted with this collection of donut creations. Donuts are arguably the best deep fried treat that there is. These fantastic donut innovations pay tribute to these tasty high calorie goodies.

Some of these delicious donut creations improve upon traditional donut concepts by adding in fantastic ingredients like sugary cereal bits. Others shake up the look of a donut, dressing it up like sushi. The portable donut maker allows pastry advocates to make these delicious treats while camping, or on the go.

These pastry innovations even include one peculiar political strategy, in which donuts were given away to gain votes.

These intriguing donut creations also range from pastry inspired art and donut-covered shoes. From glazed donut-flavored vodka to crocheted donut creations, this list of pastry creations will surprise and inspire anyone with a sweet tooth.