This Infographic Offers Up Unknown Glazed Donuts Facts

 - Jul 20, 2013
References: whitepages & foodbeast
If you enjoy munching on delicious glazed donuts, this infographic shares all the sweet facts about donuts that you might never have heard. From the number of people named after donuts to the wackiest places is the US to pick up the tastiest donuts, learn it all here in this 'All Hail the Mighty Donut' infographic by WhitePages.

To start of this 'All Hail the Mighty Donut' infographic, WhitePages shows a collection of donut name-related statistics. Apparently, the US has a knack for naming children after glazed donuts as ten people in the US have been named Donut and 498 have been named Sprinkes. Underneath is a neat donut-based graph of the most pastry-consuming cities with Boston having 250 donut shops. Lastly, there is a delicious list of places to check out to try the most bizarre donut flavors including the creator of the Cronuts, Dominique Ansel Bakery.