Docups by Andrea Filogonio are the Sweetest Little Drinking Vessels

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: coroflot
Mugs are widely used and basic in criteria which affords incredible potential for kitchenware designers. It's a shame that so many in most cupboards are bland and logo-branded. These delectable Docups by Andrea Filogonio could not be further from the plain archetype, as color and textural detail enhance what are completely remodeled coffee cups.

The imaginative designer has taken java's sweetest companion and turned it into a vessel to hold the hot liquid. This way, the drinker can have his coffee and doughnut without accumulating any calories from the latter. One can't help but love the delicious look of this pair of mugs, modeled to the true form of bitten confections. These scrumptious Docups by Andrea Filogonio are complete with rainbow sprinkles, icing and a new style of handle through the holes in their centers.