The Goodluckgoods 'In Case of Love' is a Unibody Smart Phone Case

Inspired by iPhone’s super sleek yet highly durable unibody design, 'In Case of Love' is an iconic smartphone/iPod Touch case by Goodluckgoods. The case is creatively conceived and cleverly constructed using just one piece of material, natural, cellulose-based fiber -- the same kind of substance used for denim jeans labels. Padded on the interior with tactile-pleasing felt cloth, this eco-friendly, funky case is promised to provide ultra protection for your smart phone's screen against unwanted scratches and dust.

What’s more is the hand-printed, classic 70s sci-fi themed graphics of the case. The graphics of the 'In Case of Love' tackle social media references, mentioning things like Facetime, Facebook and Whatsapp. 'In Case of Love' is the perfect juxtaposition, yet amalgamation of nostalgia and novelty that is surely bound to turn heads.