The Models in On Aura Tout Vu Spring 2012 are Not from Earth

The women featured on the On Aura Tout Vu Spring 2012 runway were given some of the most fantastical get-ups imaginable. They strutted sexily (some a little more exposed than others) down the catwalk with heavily detailed outfits and accessorized with objects that had them looking like aliens. Who wouldn’t want to draw inspiration from a woman who's out of this world?

The On Aura Tout Vu Spring 2012 collection features an array of bright jewels and many see-through attire that really push the boundaries of currently accepted fashion trends. Any woman seen wearing this collection would be noted as having a fashion sense that is not aligned with current trends, however, it definitely is not a bad note to end on. The line emits an air of seductive elegance that plays along the lines of hard-to-get.