The Like Living Organisms by Local Androids is Utterly Creepy

 - Aug 11, 2012
References: localandroids & fastcodesign
As though stolen from an alien race, Like Living Organisms is a creepy dress-like piece of clothing that is inspired by feelings of fear of nervousness. In particular, it mimics the pulse visible on temples when people are experiencing such emotions. As such, Like Living Organisms beats freakishly when the wearer is in the company of others and then deflates when touched, which is interpreted as a sign of trust.

Created by Dutch fashion designers Cor Baauw and Leonie Baauw, Like Living Organisms is equipped with two sensors and air pumps. The first sensor detects movement and triggers air to pump into the garment, simulating a pulse, while the second sensor responds to touch, triggering the veins to deflate. It has been hand-painted to resemble skin.