Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn Builds an Epic Bike

 - Aug 4, 2011
References: odditycentral & designyoutrust
As a huge fan of the Alien movie franchise, I wish I could ride the monstrously epic Alien motorcycle that Roon­gro­jna Sang­wong­pris­arn built.

The iconic creature that burst through John Hurt and received a whooping from Sigourney Weaver is now a mode of transportation thanks to Thai artist Roon­gro­jna Sang­wong­pris­arn. The entire motorcycle is based off of the alien from the movie—well, Alien. Normally a custom job like this usually consists of the regular anatomy of the bike with a paint job that reflects whatever the theme is; however, Sang­wong­pris­arn has actually incorporated the entire body of the Alien, so it’s actually a little hard to make out the parts (which is fine considering how amazing the details are).

No one’s going to honk at you if you ride this Alien motorcycle.