- Jan 18, 2013
In light of the recent Lance Armstrong performance enhancing drug confession on Oprah, check out these speed-assisting bikes, which provide a more socially acceptable form of performance enhancement.

International sports hero, Olympic medalist and seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong finally admitted what many people had suspected for years last night in an interview with Oprah: he used performance enhancing drugs during all of his Tour de France wins. Not only did he cheat, but he also took legal action against people who said he cheated over the years. Maybe with some of these speed-assisting bikes on his side, he would’ve been able to become a champion without the aids of EPO.

There are bike frames made of wood, electric powered bikes, horizontal seating bikes and even rust-proof bikes. With such a plethora of options, hopefully you can find a competitive advantage within the rules.

The Lance Armstrong Performance Enhancing Drugs Confession: