The Eley Kishimoto Tokyo Fixed Collaboration Results in Haute Bikes

The Eley Kishimoto Tokyo Fixed collaboration is the perfect for the fashionista with a green state of mind. The fashion company designed an ultra chic pattern for the London/Tokyo-based bike shop. The series features a slim race-riding bike and two color swatches of pack bags. The look features little silhouettes of dogs' heads -- ultra adorable.

Eley Kishimoto is a brand dedicated to the decorating of everything. It's known as the patron saint of prints, and follows the mantra "Print The World." The company's clothing, accessories and collaborative projects all boast a simple and concise design with pattern flair. While Eley Kishimoto has become famous for its womenswear, it is truly the patterned genius that has pushed the company to the top. EK has done collaborative projects with BMW motorbikes, Eastpak bags, Duvel beer and Incase.