The Bicymple is Sleek and Stylish Sporting Gear You Can Take Anywhere

 - Oct 11, 2012
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Remove all the excess chains and bulk on the frame of a bike and you get the stripped down, simplified version that is the Bicymple. With its lighter and thinner frame, freewheeling hub and minimized design, this new take on the classic bicycle is simpler to use and can be taken to places many bikes won’t go.

The back wheel is free to turn on its own separately from the front wheel, which allows you to make much tighter and sharper turns, while the minimized frame lets you squeeze in closer as you pass through narrow pathways that normal bikes can’t travel through. The sleek and modern frame has a stylish design with basic black and white coloring.

Without all the extra bulk and fuss, the Bicymple further simplifies the concept of a bicycle.