The Steel Soft-Ride Bicycle Provides a Surprisingly Smooth Ride

The Steel Soft-Ride Bicycle is a steel-wheeled bicycle designed by Ron Arad for the W Hotel's WOW Bikes charity auction. The bike's wheels are made from "18 individual strips of steel that are pinned at various tension points to act together as one single unit," according to FastCo Design.

The result is a bicycle with a unique look and a surprising amount of functionality. The bike was reportedly designed and built in two weeks, a small timeframe that left no room for testing. Marcus Hearts, the lead designer at Arad design studio, says that the bike offers a surprisingly smooth ride that actually becomes smoother as you increase your speed. The bike is available for test rides at the W Hotel in Leicester Square in London until October 29, when it will be auctioned off with the proceeds going towards the Elton John AIDS Foundation.