The Biascagne Cicli x Riccardo Guasco ForGood Fixie is Pro Bono

The Biascagne Cicli x Riccardo Guasco ForGood bicycle is more than just a bike, it is the feeling of doing good while riding in style. The Italian bicycle company Biascagne Cicli teamed up with the artist Riccardo Guasco, who is also known as "rik," for their third edition probono bike. The company has been doing these good deed for the past two years, but this is their first time partnering up with an artist to create a design.

Guasco designed the frame imagining being on the shoulders of renowned cyclist Fausto Coppi. The bright bicycled frame takes an art deco approach filling the bike with life by using bold colors and strong lines.

For the sale of each fixie, 100% of the proceeds donated to City of Hope for research on childhood leukemia.