The WinCycle 001 Was Designed as Muscle-Powered Tron Transport

 - May 27, 2012
References: coroflot & tuvie
Bicycles are such elegant objects that have evolved smoothly over time to become more and more efficient at translating kinetic energy and enhancing human movement. Aesthetically, the WinCycle 001 appears to be a significant leap in this transformation, bringing it into a future era that mankind has yet to experience.

Younes Jmoula designed this techie two-wheeler based on inspiration from the Tron Legacy movie. The sleek black frame is accented with striking neon lights that illuminate the rims and the handlebars as well. A sharp honeycomb pattern on the top tube might suggest electronic controls and an impressive hologram of the bike's name appears consistently still within the rear wheel. The WinCycle 001's three models are gear- and spoke-free, promising a mysterious and powerful means of propulsion for the extreme space-age cyclist.