Sasha Tudvaseva Illustrates Alien Beings with People-Like Features

 - Jan 30, 2012
References: vk & sashagreen.deviantart
It’s amazing what the human mind can conjure visually, and in the case of these haunting Sasha Tudvaseva illustrations, it’s otherworldly beings that have similar, but highly different characteristics to people.

Some of the subjects in these beautiful digital renderings are of human beings, but then there are images in which the Russian illustrator purposefully contorts anatomy to the point where her subjects are either aliens, demons or something yet unclassified by human knowledge. Viewers want to engage with these images because of their familiarity, but at the same time are taken aback at the oddity of subjects with eyes on their cheeks, green witch-like skin or glowing halos hovering above their heads.

Considering Sasha Tudvaseva is only 16 years old, one can only wonder how much more she can improve upon her already stunning illustration style.