DeviantArtist Artanis-One Has Given Life to the Cast of Futurama

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: artanis-one.deviantart & io9
When portrayed as cartoons, the cast of Futurama seems believable and at times almost loveable; the true-to-life reimagination by Artanis-One, however, exposes those familiar faces to the harsh, scary light of reality.

You probably couldn't slip a Futurama reference by without me taking note -- I'm that type of fan. So when I saw these hyper-realistic portrayals of the Planet Express crew, I was utterly floored. Artanis-One managed to reinterpret the illustrations of Matt Groening and David X. Cohen to create sculptures whose verisimilitude is almost shocking. Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg, Leela and the always-adorable Nibbler reappear in humanoid form to the delight of fellow DeviantArt members and Futurama fans.

It's especially interesting to see Zoidberg, whose on-screen presence is laughable and outrageous, transformed into an alien the likes of Predator or Cthulhu.