Beauty Lashes Out

 - Feb 16, 2008
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False eye lashes are still a scorching hot beauty accessory, but everyone has their own idea of what they're comfortable wearing. Some women like to keep their fake lashes on the natural side, some like colour, or luxurious ones encrusted with diamonds (how do they blink?) while others like real statement lashes like those made of dramatically sweeping feathers.

To answer to these diverse beauty desires, PTRK creates custom lashes. To put into perceptive how great the demand is, the Indonesian company sells a whopping 1.2 million sets each month.

They have everything from glow-in-the-dark eye lashes, hologram lashes, water drop to sparkle-studded and feathered lashe. Each pair is crafted to meet the customer's aesthetic desire as well as being made to fit their uniquely shaped eyes.

Categories include regular eyelashes, color lashes, decorated eyelashes, Halloween eyelashes, carnival eyelashes, doll lashes, extension singles, individuals, and flare lashes.

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