From Kaleidoscopic Eyebrows to Psychedelic Cosmetics

 - Mar 14, 2011
Winter's doldrum neutral hues are giving way to the bright colors of spring, and what better way is there to usher in warmer weather than with one of these vibrant makeup ideas? From Popsicle-hued pouts to avian eye makeup inspired by tropical birds, these color-popping cosmetics shun boring shades of brown, gray and nude.

Cosmetics represent the affordable, everyday way to express yourself artistically. For some women, vibrant makeup shouts their confidence and good mood out to the world; for others, it provides a beautiful medium with which to paint beauty and creativity. Whatever your motivation for getting gussied up, these vibrant makeup ideas will help you ditch the drab hues you've been hoarding all winter in favor of bright spring shades.