Jawbone Sweetens Bluetooth Chatting With 'Earcandy' Edition

 - Apr 24, 2009
References: us.jawbone
Jawbone is the company who brings us these brightly-colored Bluetooth 'Earcandy' headsets in the gallery above. While Bluetooth headsets are normally very geeky, these candy-colored ones are very cool--so long as you match your makeup to the earpiece, as the models have done. And as long as you aren’t a manly-man.

Yves Behar designed these vibrant Bluetooth headsets for Jawbone. Behar has given them some equally delicious names like 'Drop Me a Lime,' 'Lilac You Mean It,' 'Frankly Scarlet' and 'Yello!' How do I get paid for coming up with product names? What fun.

Anyway, these Jawbone headsets aren’t just pretty to look at--they're equipped with noise suppression and claim to deliver call clarity that's 5 times better than other headsets.