Win Dows by Alastair Strong Kicks Off Volt Man With a Splash

The debut issue of Volt Man magazine has been truly launched with a splash with Win Dows by Alastair Strong. The youthful spreads feature D1 models in eccentric monochromatic clothing, spattered with flecks of blue and purple paint.

Bold and heavily patterned garments were on order for this animated editorial. Black and white are so seldom infused with such excitement as the thick stripes, eye-catching checkers and banded mesh exude.

Models Timothy Kelleher and Thomas Penfound are the fresh faces of the new publication, where the latter can even boast an appearance on the cover. Choppy hairstyles by Cher Savery are enhanced with the offbeat fashions supplied by Jason Leung. Makeup by Philippe Miletto has further encouraged a unique aesthetic for this milestone edition in Win Dows by Alastair Strong.