From Bathtub Swimsuit Editorials to Stressed Female Photoshoots

 - Jul 25, 2013
When it comes to creating a fashion spread that will connect and influence readers, infusing elements of ordinary life that people can relate to is key, which is why these sultry bathtub editorials have utilized a common bathing theme as a way to relate to readers.

While most fashion spreads often feature sleek and luxurious locations, these bathtub editorials have chosen to focus on a more intimate and private interior setting, showcasing models seductively posing in these ordinary bathtubs. While most people can relate to the soothing and relaxing feeling of having a soak in the tub, the only difference is that these models are wearing chic, designer outfits, portraying the clothing designs in a very sensual and intimate manner.

From bath-lounging shoots to saturated bathtub photoshoots, these intimate editorials are showcasing a common hygienic activity in a much more fashionable manner.