From Goofy Smoker Spreads to Heroin-Chic Photography

 - Jul 6, 2013
While cigarette smoking is frowned upon by a large majority of the population for obvious health reasons, the fashion world can't help but show how cool it looks to have a cigarette dangle from a statuesque model's lips.

Whether channeling heroine-chic, grunge or a stylish French vibe, cigarette smoking gives off an alluring bodacious vibe. While the rest of the world harshly scrutinizes the health-related issues of constant smoking, many magazine spreads, editorials or stylish photography, smoking seems to be staying alive and hip in the fashion world. There seems to be this mysterious mystic behind models that chain smoke cigarettes backstage, as they wait around and as they run from shoot to shoot. From smoky cool models to sensualizing smoking, these sultry smoking captures are worth a look through.