Justyna Uboska by Wojtek Klauze is Found Sky-High

 - Aug 22, 2012
References: designscene.net
Justyna Uboska by Wojtek Klauze is a stunning grayscale pictorial captured on a cement rooftop in the middle of a metropolitan city. This sensuous series photographs the model in various poses with sultry and rebellious facial expressions while smoking a cigarette and leaning against the edge.

The model’s red hair is left down across her shoulders while wearing strictly white and black clothes. These include a white sleeveless top with a black cross and a floor-length black dress with printed white writing.

The makeup artist, Klara Margas, has kept the model’s makeup light and simple by adding only red lipstick. Wojtek Klauze is an up-and-coming photographer and Justyna Uboska is a fresh-faced model of EC Management.