This Sergi Jasanada Series is Edgy and Moody

 - Jun 6, 2012
References: sergijasanada & fashionserved
Barcelona-based fashion photographer Sergi Jasanada recently shot a series for MAGAZINE that depicts Spanish actress Michelle Jenner wearing various edgy outfits and moody expressions. While in more pedestrian forms of photography those being photographed are expected to smile, in these shoots Michelle Jenner wears expressions that range from slightly annoyed to palpably contemptuous. The clothing is edgy as well.

High contrasting shades like white and black do well to emphasize Jenner's severe expressions. Cigarettes often help to underscore attitude and much use of them is made in the series. As an actress, Jenner is quite capable of conjuring emotions, so viewers should not mistake her demeanor as shown in the series for her natural one.