The Phit Spa

 - Jul 4, 2008
References: theperfectphit & nytimes
Having problems keeping your ladybits ship shape for Fleet Week? The Times says NYC has opened the first spa for strength training in the pelvic area. Phit is a name they made up, standing for Pelvic Health Integrated Techniques.

For $150 the doc will test women's pelvic strength by inviting them to contract their muscles around his fingers. Based on the evaluation, clients are put on a regime of strength training including Kegels, or maybe even plastic surgery to tighten the loose or loosen the tight.

Dr. Lauri Romanzi, the gynecologist who founded the practice says the idea is to help women get "in shape from the inside out" after being inspired by BriteSmile, a tooth-whitening chain. She liked the idea of caterering to one particular health need, so she opened Phit to do just that.