DR 911 Luxe Concierge

 - Aug 25, 2008
References: dr911md & trendhunter
Oh my gosh! You're on vacation and you notice your crow's feet are beginning to resurface -- mid-girls week in Manhattan! Instead of venturing out with a complex, or dialing your doc back home for a much-too-late spritz of Botox a few weeks from now, you can now order an emergency fix straight to your hotel!

A new service is being offered from Dr. 911 and Luxe Concierge, offering luxury medical treatments in your private room.

Sounds a bit sketchy, but don't worry -- it's safe too. Dr. Robert Glatter AKA DR 911, is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician. The company's goal is "to provide a luxury amenity of top-rate, in-room medical care to its high-end roster of affluent and celebrity clientele."

They provide emergency treatments (think food poisoning, non-emergency treatments (migraines, infections) and the aforementioned cosmetic and beauty treatments.

The staff consists of a team of 24/7 on-call doctors who provide personalized, in-room care, a luxury service that's been known in Europe for decades, but is new to North America.

What a perfect way to get treated undercover; I could see this one becoming huge with celebs!