Caffeine Rubs Rid Cellulite

 - Mar 7, 2008
In Brazil, there's a new strategy for the battle against cellulite: coffee rubs.

The Brazilian anti-cellulites coffee massage is executed with great force in the areas where the fat molecules are concentrated. After the massage, the are rubbed with a product based on coffee. Beneath the fact that the fat concentrations are broken down the coffee extract is able to penetrate deeply in the skin which stimulates the disliked and undesired dimples to go away.
The caffeine activates the micro circulation of the skin, performing as a fortifier and bodily hydration.

“The massage performed with coffee gives a very efficacy result, as not only the accumulated fat will be eliminated, but it will hydrate the skin as well.” says Mariana Alves Corrêa, owner of the Otris Spa Urbano in Rio de Janeiro. For R$ 140 (USD 80 or € 55)) will she rub coffee on your body for 60 minutes. Evidently, the image which goes with this post, is the result of Mariana Alves coffee-massage.