A Safer Addiction for Tea Leoni's Ex

 - Oct 17, 2008
Tea Leoni's ex David Duchovny would do well to ditch the porn in favor of a safer addiction--caffeine. Drinking too much caffeine may not be fantastic for your health, but I'm sure far fewer marriages have ended due to an addiction to coffee than an addiction to porn.

These caffeinated creations cover every aspect of java culture, from brass knuckle coffee mugs to clever coffee ads and mugs that lock. There are even a few tea-inspired inventions thrown in to help calm Tea Leoni down in this tumultuous period of her life. (Yes, we know her name is actually Téa Leoni, but the letters are the same!)

Tea Leoni may have kicked David Duchovny to the curb for his sex addiction, but let's hope her new flame Billy Bob Thornton prefers coffee to porn.